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The Pelican in Her Piety Sacred Heart Print


Discover the captivating beauty of “The Pelican in Her Piety”, which blends the Catholic symbolism of the Pelican with the iconic Sacred Heart of Jesus. This extraordinary piece invites you to a world where Divine Love and self-sacrifice converge.

In Catholic school, we once visited the Sister’s chapel to learn about the symbolism in the beautiful stained-glass windows. There, I was introduced to the symbolism of the pelican, and have been fascinated by its rich depth ever since.

It once was believed that if pelicans could not find enough food for their young, they would tear at their own flesh on their breasts and feed it to the chicks. Likewise, Jesus, the Bread of Life, in His great love, does for us in the Eucharist when he feeds us His own Body and Blood. I decided to add an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus over the pelican to make His burning love even more evident.

The original painting was done in acrylic, and I was careful to keep the actual bird anatomy in mind as well as all the small details from the eyes to the feathers. Sometimes when painting symbolism, artists take liberties on how they render the birds, but God made the real ones so lovely I wanted to capture that.

The giclee print you will receive is printed on luxurious Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper, which is renowned for its archival quality and exceptional color reproduction, ensuring an immersive and long-lasting visual experience.  It is 100% cotton paper with a smooth surface texture and guaranteed archival standards.

Bring this profound piece into your home or office, and let its symbolic resonance fill your space. Whether displayed as a focal point or integrated into a gallery wall, this print is sure to ignite conversations and evoke a sense of awe and reverence. Let it serve as a daily reminder of love, sacrifice, and the boundless compassion of Jesus and His Sacred Heart.

Please allow 2 weeks for your order to be printed and shipped.  Except in cases of damaged product, returns are not allowed due to the fact that they are custom printed after the order is made.

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